Little Justice Leaders

I had the wonderful opportunity recently to sample a box from Little Justice Leaders.  They are an awesome company that has a box subscription service that contains resources to help children learn about social justice issues.  Subscribers get a box each month that focuses on a different social justice issue.  Every box has arts and crafts, projects, books, and other activities that are geared towards helping your child understand complicated issues.  Talking about these topics with kids can be difficult and this kit makes it easy to start the conversation.

Currently the box is made for families, but they are launching a classroom/teacher version soon.  I used this box with my daughter, who is 5, but the knowledge and picture book that are in the box are easily transferred to a classroom.  The box is made specifically for kids in grades K-4.  All of the activities are age-appropriate and FUN!

The theme this month is LGBTQ and the box has so many tools to understand and learn about this community.  Here’s what was in our box:


  • A welcome/instructions card that explains each item in the box and how to use it
  • An Understanding Terms card that provides definitions of important vocabulary related to the theme
  • A picture book – Heather Has Two Mommies by Leslea Newman
  • A History Lesson card – for this theme, the lesson is about the history of why the rainbow is associated with the LGBTQ community
  • A rainbow flag
  • Rainbow heart stickers
  • Arts & crafts project – we received a blank canvas, multicolored buttons, scrabble letters to spell the word LOVE, and a glue pen to create our own rainbow design
  • A rainbow pin
  • Picture cards of 2 important figures in this community – we received two cards that taught us about Laverne Cox and Audre Lorde
  • Books to Learn More card with book suggestions on this topic for both kids and parents
  • Tips for Parents card for raising inclusive kids
  • Action Steps card with ideas about how you can learn more and take action around this issue
  • Conversations Starter card – ideas for how to start the conversation about this topic with your child
  • A hand-lettered card with the design that says “define yourself”

I personally love all of the cards that teach you about the topic and give you ways to talk to your child about it.  I also love that they include a picture book.  Teachers and moms use picture books all the time to teach their children.  This is a great way to give your child an age-appropriate introduction to different topics.  Adding in a fun arts & crafts activity is pretty cool, too!  My daughter and I loved making the rainbow art together.


Another great thing about this company?  For each box sold, they make a donation to a non-profit working in the area of the social justice issue that is discussed in the box.  Additionally, as often as possible the products are sourced from socially conscious, small businesses owned by women and people of color.

As a mom and a teacher, I am so excited about this company and their passion for raising loving, respectful, and tolerant humans.

Check out their website:

Code for 25% off your first TWO boxes:  VIRTUALELEMENTARY25X2




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