There’s a Headband For That!

As a virtual teacher, my students only see my head for the most part.  I’m in a little box on their computer screen (unless they drag it to make it bigger and I’m not sure how I feel about that) and I’m competing with whatever else they may have going on at home:  TVs, siblings, pets, you name it…

Also, my students are 5 and 6 years old, so capturing their attention can be a challenge.  I obviously want them to look at me and what I’m teaching, so I have enlisted the help of props to encourage them to focus on me.  Props can include things like hats, glasses, and my favorite, headbands.  I do not have the self-control to pass up a cute headband when I see it and my collection grows almost weekly.  I’ve had teachers reach out and ask where I find my headbands, so here is a list of my favorite places to look for them!



There are THREE places to check in Target for cute headbands.  The first being the Dollar Spot.  This is a great place to find the holiday and seasonal headbands.  I’m anxiously awaiting their Christmas/Winter headbands to come out!  You can also find cute headbands in the headband aisle (with the hair brushes/hair ties) and in the party section.  I have found unicorn headbands, tiaras, and a crown headband, to name a few, with the party supplies.

Dollar Tree

This is another great spot for holiday and seasonal headbands.  My favorite headband from Dollar Tree is a butterfly headband I found in the Spring when we were observing the life cycle of a butterfly.  I will definitely be checking here for some Christmas/Winter ones as well.

butterfly headband

Five Below

If you have a Five Below near you, this is a must!  They have super cute decorations for a physical classroom.  They also have fun headbands including seasonal ones.  My favorite headband I got at Five Below is my rainbow and pot o’ gold headband for St. Patrick’s Day!

rainbow headband


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the variety and convenience that is Amazon.  Just this week I thought, “I need a scarecrow headband!”  I go to my Amazon app, search “scarecrow headband”, find one for $7.99, and it’ll be on my porch this afternoon.  HOW AMAZING is that?!  The sky is the limit for headband possibilities.

Oriental Trading

I needed a cute galaxy-themed headband for an upcoming vocabulary parade next week.  I couldn’t find anything on Amazon and came across the perfect headband on Oriental Trading.  I paid $8 for the headband (or so I thought) and when it arrived I found I had ordered a DOZEN galaxy headbands.  So, if you are doing a group theme or you need them for students, this is a great place to look!

galaxy headband
Headbands are a fun way to get into the theme for whatever you’re teaching or to simply be fun and make the kids want to look at you!  Either way, I love a good headband.

So what am I missing?  Are there other great places to find headbands?  I need to know!

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